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Patients can now use the internet to schedule a visit to IU Health White Memorial Hospital’s emergency department.

MONTICELLO — Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital now offers a web-based scheduling tool that empowers patients to self-schedule a same-day appointment for emergency services.

From reducing wait time, improving patient-clinic communication and more, this technology aims to have a significant impact on both patient and team member experience.

“This technology allows a patient to save their spot in line, avoid a crowded waiting room and wait where they are more comfortable when they are feeling under the weather,” said Dr. Nathan Marcinkowski, emergency medicine at IU Health White Memorial Hospital. “Reducing their stress and anxiety improves their treatment and outcomes.”

To reserve a spot in line, patient visits http://iuhealth.org/er. The first thing they will see is the current estimated wait time for emergency services. The patient is able to select a time to check in for their visit.

Once the request is submitted, they may wait at home until they receive a text reminder that it’s almost time for their visit.

Typically, patients who reserve a spot in line are seen within 15 minutes of their selected time. Wait times are based on the average time it takes for a patient to check-in at the front desk to when they are settled into a room to be seen by a healthcare provider.

The online wait times are updated every 15 minutes.

“Although convenient in most instances, you should only use this service if you are certain you can safely wait with no risk to your health,” Marcinkowski said.

During busy times, there may still be a wait until the patient is seen by a medical provider. Patients with life-threatening conditions will be seen first.

Saving a spot in line is not for life threatening, debilitating or emergent medical conditions. Patients who are having a medical emergency are directed through the scheduling platform to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

For non-life threatening illnesses or injuries that don’t require immediate care, patients can view Same-Day Care options to find the care they need.

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