WEST LAFAYETTE – Sgt. Kim Riley, a 34-year member of the Indiana State Police, has completed his last day on the job.

Although he does not officially retire until Nov. 16, Riley’s last day in the office was Sept. 18. His ISP colleagues said Riley served with honor and dignity throughout his entire career, and has been a familiar face to many members of the communities in which he served.

Riley graduated from the 44th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy on Nov. 16, 1986. After completing the academy, he was appointed to the Lafayette Post. From 1987 to 1996, Riley patrolled Carroll and White counties.

While working road patrol, he served as a member of the Tactical Intervention Platoon and was a field training officer, as well as a RADAR, VASCAR, and First Aid Instructor.

In 1996, he was assigned to the Problem Oriented Policing Section (POPS) until 2003. While there he helped redesign the intersection at State Road 63 and Interstate 74 in Vermillion County, which was a dangerous intersection at the time, in an effort to prevent fatal crashes.

In 2003, Riley transferred to the Gaming Division, where he worked the Blue Chip Casino until 2005. It was then he was promoted to sergeant, for which he is best known. Since 2005, Riley served as the public information officer for the Lafayette District until his retirement.

Riley said he is looking forward to traveling around the country and spending more time with his family.