INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana has received approval to continue its alternative to traditional Medicaid expansion—the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) — for 10 more years.

This allows the state to continue health coverage for more than 572,000 low-income adult Hoosiers, according to Gov. Eric Holcomb, who made the announcement Monday.

“Today’s extension empowers more than half a million Hoosiers to continue receiving quality health care coverage from our innovative HIP program,” he said. “As a national model for a state-led, consumer-driven approach, HIP helps Hoosiers experience improved health outcomes and better lives.”

Additionally, the approval from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services grants five-year extensions of some of the newer components of Indiana’s HIP program that have provided treatment for substance use disorder and serious mental illness for 88,000 Hoosiers across all Medicaid programs.

“Hoosiers have led on state health care innovation for years, including under former Gov. Mike Pence and continuing today under Gov. Holcomb,” said U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. “This 10-year extension of the successful Healthy Indiana Program allows the state to make new progress on the kind of patient-centered healthcare system President Trump envisions.”

HIP is a platform for certainty during the pandemic. Members continue coverage during a public health emergency and all cost sharing has been suspended. The program engages members to be active participants in their health care coverage.

In 2018, members made more than 545,000 visits for preventive services, and mammograms and vaccinations are at record highs for members. The program combats Indiana’s top contributor to chronic disease – smoking – by waiving copays and covering all therapies.

In a direct effort to support mothers and their babies, HIP Maternity provides full health coverage services – including prenatal services, dental, behavior health, and substance use disorder treatment – at no cost to the member for the duration of her pregnancy and 60 days postpartum. Enrollment in pregnancy management programs increased at an average annual growth rate of 41 percent from 2015 to 2018.

“With this approval, our health policy leaders at FSSA will be able to spend more time operating, evaluating and improving HIP, as well as engaging members and partners,” said Jr. Jennifer Sullivan, Family and Social Services Administration secretary.

HIP was created in 2007 under former Gov. Mitch Daniels. The program was expanded in 2015 by Pence with a federal waiver to cover any eligible adult as an alternative to traditional Medicaid expansion.

Typically, the state’s waiver to renew HIP is reviewed and approved every three to four years. Today’s approval runs through December 2030. It marks the first time the federal agency has approved a state’s Medicaid waiver for a comprehensive health benefits program for a period of ten years.

Earlier this year, CMS approved the HIP Workforce Bridge program, which establishes a new, unique transitional phase for HIP members. As they return to the workforce and to employer insurance or other health coverage, members can continue to use their HIP POWER accounts, which are similar to a health savings account.

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