Sen. Todd Young


United States Senator Todd Young (R- Ind.) was the guest speaker at Friday’s White County Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner.

At the annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday, the White County Republicans and guest speaker U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) used the evening to energize their party and set goals.

“We will capture every seat in White County,” White County Republican Chairman Shannon Mattix said in the evening’s closing remarks.

He included the position held by Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN), which he asked for help in defeating.

Young also spoke to the audience about getting the party message out there.

He said, “2016 was a year in which promises were made. (And) 2017 was a year where promises were kept.”

He told the crowd that the Republican Party is rebuilding the court system from top to bottom and said some Supreme Court vacancies could happen this summer.

In the appeals courts, just below the Supreme Court, the judges going in are what he called “faithful constitutionalists” instead of “living constitutionalists.”

Also in Washington, “We took a chainsaw to the federal regulations that have been building up,” Young said.

He said cuts will save $6 billion and $11 million in hours of paperwork.

If Republicans feel they’re hitting the bone with the cuts, they will stop, he added.

He also touted the repeal of the Dodd-Frank act that he said treats small banks the same as big ones on Wall Street, and he spoke about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that people must have health insurance.

Young also told the crowd that although there are a lot of contested seats in White County’s coming May primary, he wants people to support the Republican candidates in the November election.

He said that 2018 must be the year of mobilization.

Republicans must continue to send elected officials to Indianapolis and to Washington D.C., he said.

Young described Democrats as getting cocky with recent national wins and as trying to get control of the House of Representatives.

“They’re going to throw money at candidates,” he said.

So it’s up to Republicans to step up and support the party candidates.

Prior to Young speaking, Indiana Republican Chair Kyle Hupfer addressed the audience and said the state party is strong.

“We’re heading into a place where the blue wave will come crashing back down to Earth,” he said to the crowd.

He called for a consistent conservative voice in the Indiana Statehouse.

Also at the dinner, Mattix introduced all the Republican candidates who are running in the May primary and were present.

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