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Photo by Kellyn Harrison

Billy Terry sits at his drum set.

MONTICELLO — A benefit concert and motorcycle ride is being planned June 19 to raise money for a local man injured in an August 2020 motorcycle collision.

According to Donny and Rachel Krivanek, event organizers and friends of Billy Terry, a vehicle struck Terry while he was riding home on his motorcycle. His entire right leg and hip shattered, leading to a hip replacement and leg amputation from the knee down. Other injuries included a broken neck and left leg.

“I have known Billy and his family for many years. I went to school with his older brother and sister at Twin Lakes. Once I heard about Billy’s tragic accident, I reached out to him to see how he was doing,” Rachel said. “Billy reminds me of my husband. My husband had his leg amputated more than 20 years ago, so he understands many of the hardships, both physical and emotional, that Billy is facing.”

The motorcycle ride will take place before the concert and start and finish at Whiskey and Wine Saloon. The first, second and third stops will be the Oakdale Inn, Peak Inn in Medaryville and the Monon Pub and Grill, respectively.

The concert’s line-up features HooDoo Crossing, High 5 and Dirty Penny at 4 p.m, 6 p.m. and 7 p.m, respectively. A 50/50 raffle and silent auction for a leather jacket will also be held.

The Krivaneks plan to use the funds to help Billy and his family ease financial burdens that have been collected due to the accident.

“He has kids to support and medical bills. He has been through so much that we believe he deserves some help and are thankful to be able to do this for him,” Rachel said.

The benefit concert has received support throughout the community, but the Kravenicks said they wish for people to see the positive impact more can do for Billy’s livelihood and the “love for life he has and his strength, like we did.”

“Even though his tragic accident happened, Billy has proven to be a fighter and is embracing life,” Rachel said.

For cash donations, an account at Bank of Wolcott in Monticello is available.

For more information about the event, contact Rachel Krivanek at 574-297-7846.

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