$1,100 sheet cake

This sheet cake featuring a farm scene garnered a $1,100 price tag during a fundraising auction

REMINGTON — Have you ever taken a bite out of a $1,100 sheet cake?

Morocco resident Nancy Miller and Bonnie James, of Rensselaer, have.

“It’s the best $1,100 cake I ever ate,” Miller said.

According to Miller, she and James attended Fountain Park Chautauqua in Remington last weekend, hoping to bid on a gluten-free cake for a friend in the annual cake walk fundraiser at the Tabernacle building.

Max Prouty, of Rensselaer, served as auctioneer.

“Cakes were going for $500, $600, so we didn’t win any,” Miller said.

When a sheet cake designed to look like a farm scene — complete with three pigs in a holding pen, a cow, cat and dog, horse and rabbit — came up for auction, the bidding quickly rose past the $500 mark, finally settling at $1,100.

The cake was won by a gentleman who didn’t give his name, Miller said.

“He came by us and Bonnie said something like she would sure like to have a piece or a bite of the cake,” Miller said. “The man just turned around and said, ‘Here, enjoy’ and walked away.”

Both women took a slice from the white and chocolate cake with green icing and put the rest in the freezer for later.

Miller, meanwhile, was left wondering who the man was.

“I was tempted to ask someone with the auction what his name was,” she said. “We really enjoyed that cake.”

Fountain Park Chautauqua in Remington, which promotes traditional values in a religious setting through cultural and educational programs, began with activities Sunday, July 18. It is scheduled to continue through Aug. 1. The festival features music, demonstrations and games for kids.

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