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Happy New Year! As we get back into the swing of things following the holidays and hope for a better year ahead, perhaps you made some goals for 2021 but aren’t quite sure where to start.

If any of these resolutions involve becoming a better gardener, improving your lawn or landscape, or becoming a better manager of your farm, I might have some suggestions to try.

If working on your home horticulture skills this year, visiting the Purdue Extension Consumer Horticulture website is a must —

From here you can gain access to Purdue University publications on general horticulture, flowers, houseplants, landscape management, fruits, and vegetables to name a few.

The website is also a great place go for the latest news articles generated by Purdue, including upcoming education programs. Among these, will be “Get Growing,” a live virtual program series on commonly asked gardening questions that will run on Tuesday mornings from Jan. 12 through Feb. 23.

To learn more about the program including registration information, visit

If having a nicer lawn is something you have been striving for and this is the year you are going to give it your all, look into the “DIY Lawncare” program series beginning on Thursday evenings on Feb. 4 and running through Feb. 25.

The series will cover: “Basics of Taking Care of Lawns,” “Lawn Pests and Irrigation Considerations,” “Weed ID and Management,” and “Seeding Establishment and Lawn Renovation.” The cost of the program is $20, registration can be accomplished here:

For more traditional agriculture training, including improving your farm management skills, consider the series: “Grow Your Farm Operation,” which will be delivered virtually via Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9 p.m. EST beginning Jan. 12 and ending March 2.

Topics covered are Marketing; Precision Ag; Drones; Integrated Pest Management; Best Management Practices; Farm Financials; Communication; Succession Planning; and Legal Dos & Don’ts.

Speakers include successful farmers, Purdue Extension experts, and agricultural industry leaders. The registration fee is $100 per farm operation. Register at by Jan. 8 to enroll.

Please stay tuned and follow our Purdue Extension White County Facebook page for more to come.

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