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ST. CHARLES, Ill. — Pioneering a new way to present a farm show wasn’t in the cards when Matt Jungmann started on work for the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days in 2020.

WEST LAFAYETTE – With the global pandemic, many face-to-face workshops and field days have been canceled, but the business of agriculture goes on and so does Purdue University’s popular online…

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¿Dónde se encuentra el arte de la arquitectura hoy en día, al final de su adolescencia? ¿Qué creencias guían a los diseñadores de nuestros edificios y espacios urbanos? No hay respuestas fáciles, al menos no desde mi punto de vista como crítico. Si los diseños que he revisado en los últimos años ofrecen alguna pista, es que esta es una época de pluralismo; una multitud de direcciones en lugar ...

HARTFORD, Conn. - Earlier this year, lifelong Plainville, Conn., resident Gary Vincent planted eight giant pumpkin seeds in an unfenced, uncovered garden plot owned by Plainville's Our Lady of Mercy Church. Vincent, 70, began growing giant pumpkins in 1981 after his wife brought home five seeds from the Big E fair. The following year he grew a 200-pound pumpkin and a 275-pounder the year after ...

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ROCKFORD, Ill., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company will conduct a virtual auction of approximately 1,132 acres in six Illinois counties Oct. 31, using a format in which all bidders participate via Internet or telephone.

If I knew all I needed to do was complain about dryness to make it rain, I would have done it a few weeks earlier. While everyone was reading my previous article we were in the middle of a weeklong 5-8-inch rain event. I would say it helped about half the crop; the earlier maturities on lighter soil had already shut down. But the longer-day crops will benefit greatly from the rains. This week should mark the beginning of wide-scale harvest in our area. Most people are thinking they have some soybeans ready to cut as well as a few corn fields. I was in a field of early-maturing soybeans this past week. They were ready to be harvested though the bean size was small due to dry weather in August.

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South Dakota researchers have taken a closer look at the function of dung beetles in eastern South Dakota during the past few years. Their findings are related to management of livestock grazing and chemical pesticides in relation to dung beetle and insect-community health.

Harvest season is underway in some pockets of the Midwest, and for producers looking to lock in profits, a lot could change very quickly in the markets.

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The Haney soil health test, named for U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist Rick Haney, includes more than a dozen different soil-test values. Those include standard macro- and micro-nutrients for plant consumption, but what’s different about the Haney test is that it also estimates nutrients for microbial consumption, focusing on how much carbon and nitrogen is in the soil.

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U.S. Highway 8 cuts across northern Wisconsin like an asphalt dance floor. I saw an occasional burst of yellow and red as I traveled to my woodlot from a weekend at my off-grid cabin. Fall is knocking at the door.

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Decades from now observers will reflect on key statistics such as unemployment and the gross domestic product, and note how numerous conditions in 2020 hit unfavorable records. In a year full of extremes this week’s post reviews what we consider to be the most interesting and insightful chart of 2020 – U.S. gasoline consumption.

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Nobody can deny that fall is here. Frost and freeze warnings have covered much of the state of Wisconsin at least once. Our growing season is coming to a rapid close.