Alcohol sales on Madam Carroll

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A new Indiana law that takes effect July 1 will allow the Madam Carroll to serve alcoholic beverages without having to cruise.

MONTICELLO — A new Indiana law that goes into effect July 1 will allow the Madam Carroll to serve alcoholic beverages year-round.

Previously, drinks could only be served one hour before a cruise and during the ride.

Owners Chris Lehe and Chris Peters believe House Bill 1518 will be a great thing for the Madam Carroll, they said.

The two are currently working out schedule details for the jumbo boat that will now be open during the winter on Lake Freeman. With the bill going into effect during the summer, it allows them time to find a schedule that functions best for year-round business.

The bill regulates the sale of alcohol on jumbo boats, which also designates what defines a jumbo boat and when they can or cannot serve alcohol. The main change: alcohol can be served without having to cruise.

“In the winter months where they were closed five to six months, they can be open and do a brunch,” said state Sen. Ron Alting (R-District 22). “They can be open for a restaurant, whatever they choose to be. Therefore, they get income 12 months a year.”

Lehe and Peters began ownership in November 2018 and have made multiple renovations to the 43-year-old boat. Such advancements include rebuilding and fine-tuning the engine, a new bar area, new screens in certain areas and various cosmetic improvements.

The boat attracts visitors from all over Indiana during the summer, but now people can visit and stop for meals and drinks year-round.

“Patrons can come on anywhere from Chicago down to Indianapolis and enjoy drinks on the boat, music when we are not cruising,” Peters said.

Madam Carroll events are already slated for December and the owners are planning for one of the biggest changes that will impact Madam Carroll business.

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