Letters to the editor

Purdue professors lead way on climate

Dear Editor,

I was encouraged to see the Feb 18, 2021, article in the Indy Star about the 17 Purdue professors who joined 33 other Hoosier professors (all economists and agriculture economists) to write an open letter to the Indiana Congressional delegation stressing the need for effective solutions to address climate change.

Isn’t it heartening when knowledgeable community leaders step out of their comfort zone and make their voice heard on behalf of the well-being of our country?

In addition, I was especially encouraged to see that their preferred recommendation was to put a fee on carbon at the source and then return all the money equally to all citizens. That is exactly the same policy as recommended by the bipartisan group Citizens’ Climate Lobby that I volunteer for.

I especially like this quote, from their letter: “Most importantly, the carbon fee and dividend policy would benefit most Hoosiers and households across the US, including the most vulnerable. The majority of families would receive a larger dividend payment each year than they pay in increased energy prices and prices of other goods.”

In other words, most households will come out money ahead with this policy.

Thank you professors for your expert advice on showing us the way toward effective climate solutions to keep the U.S. and Indiana viable and healthy. Let’s hope Congressman Jim Baird and senators Mike Braun and Todd Young are also listening.

Joseph Sauer,


Wetlands are important, worth saving

Dear Editor,

People flinch when informed that swamps and wetlands clean our water.

They do much more than that. They obviously store water and help to clean and recharge groundwater supplies. They protect against erosion. Wetlands also provide critical breeding habitat for many species of fish and wildlife for reproduction, many of which are drastically declining in numbers.

Wetlands physically filter and chemically clean our water by fixing many pollutants and breaking others down.

Indiana has destroyed 85% of its wetlands and our flooding and erosion problems, water quality, and wildlife all show it.

This state needs a large wetland restoration program to correct these problems and not to throw out the few wetland regulations we have left as SB 389 will do.

The solution is to find a way to compensate landowners for benefits their land provide to the public, not gutting the regulations.

Please contact your state representatives as soon as possible and ask them to strongly oppose SB 389.

Wetlands are important and worth saving.

Jim Sweeney,


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