INDIANAPOLIS – More than 100 students recently graduated from Indiana Connections Academy, a tuition-free full-time public virtual school — including Alijah Flores from Lafayette, Ind.

For more than a decade, Indiana Connections Academy has served thousands of students with a variety of needs. Students with health issues or who are highly involved in activities outside of school succeed in the online environment because it offers a more flexible schedule. Other students benefit from the ability to work at their own individual pace with learning plans tailored to match their needs and abilities or from the personal attention they receive from teachers to stay motivated and engaged. Students have access to advanced courses, extracurricular activities and flexible scheduling that helps them take ownership of their own unique educational journey. At Indiana Connections Academy, students join a collaborative community with their fellow students and educators that provides a welcoming, distraction-free learning environment.

With the ability to work anywhere there is an Internet connection, students hail from small and large cities in Indiana – including Evansville, Fort Wayne, Franklin, Indianapolis, Martinsville, Shelbyville, South Bend and more. In total, during the last ten years more than 3,000 students have now received a diploma from Indiana Connections Academy.

With an enrollment cap of 5,000 students, school leaders recommend enrolling immediately. Details about upcoming information sessions and other events including dates and locations are available online or by calling 800.382.6010. For more information about Indiana Connections Academy, visit

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