LAFAYETTE — On a day that is being remembered for the lives lost on 9/11, especially the 343 firefighters in New York City that made the ultimate sacrifice, Lafayette Fire Station #3 held a ‘Wetting In’ ceremony on September 11 for a new fire engine. A ‘Wetting In’ ceremony is when a new fire engine is ritualistically commissioned into service from a retiring fire engine with a spray of water as it enters its station.

The new fire engine was purchased from TIF Funds at a cost of $650,000. The engine will be in use for 15 years as a front line apparatus.

As the City replenishes fire equipment throughout our fire stations, the Insurance Services Office, ISO, creates rankings for fire departments and their communities. The rating is based on a numerical system of 1-10, with the lower the number signifying that the fire department is well equipped, appropriately staffed, and well trained in all aspects of fire service. Fire Chief Richard Doyle announced Friday that the Lafayette Fire Department has obtained an ISO rating of two (2). Out of 49,000 fire departments across the country that receive an ISO rating, only 2,117 of them receive a rating of one (1) or two (2). The Lafayette Fire Department’s rating puts them in the top .05% of these fire departments throughout the United States, which is a tremendous accomplishment.

“We are very proud of this new fire engine that will enhance the safety of our firefighters, our citizens, and our ability to protect life, property and provide emergency services to our community”, states Mayor Tony Roswarski. “As we move forward replacing necessary equipment, we will continue to strive to provide the latest in advanced fire protection apparatus, which will help reduce insurance costs for all of our citizens and make everyone safer.”