Free firewood

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Delphi Historic Trails is offering people a chance to gather free firewood while helping to clean up the trail system.

DELPHI — There will be a unique opportunity toward the end of next week for people to help Delphi Historic Trails and grab some free firewood.

The Canal Association is hosting a workday from 9 a.m. to noon Jan. 23 for people who need to cut their own firewood for heating while, at the same time, cleaning up the historic trail system. People who can cut and haul the wood, or those who want to help others, should arrive at the Blue Bridge parking lot behind Pizza Hut. It’s on Bicycle Bridge Road in Delphi.

A Canal Association volunteer will direct people to where they can access firewood or just get involved with maintenance along the trails.

Those who wish to cut firewood are responsible for safety, social distancing and avoidance of children near the cutting site. A liability release form must be signed beforehand. People are also advised to wear appropriate clothing.

People can also cut firewood for others in the community who may need it. Most of the wood is already dead and down. Trees along the trails are marked or already down and available for cut-up and removal.

Wet or muddy weather, deep snow or windy conditions may cause a cancellation of the workday. It might damage the trails or your vehicle.

Normally the trails are forbidden for vehicle access and trails are locked with a cable but they will be opened that day. For weather uncertainties, call the Canal Hotline 765-564-6572 for an updated recorded message. The alternate day, if weather is bad, will be Jan. 30.

People who have wanted to get involved with the Canal Association as a volunteer and didn’t know where to start may join the crew with trail activities, construction/maintenance work or even as crew on the Canal Boat.

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