Baby Away

Franciscan Health uses a doll to demonstrate how the AngelEye camera system allows parents to use their smart phone to check on their baby in the NICU.

LAFAYETTE — Franciscan Health Lafayette East has partnered with AngelEye Health to enhance the family experience for parents who have a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Working closely with the AngelEye team, Franciscan Health has installed 14 cameras attached to each NICU bed.

Leaving a newborn at the hospital can be very challenging for working parents and remote families. Virtual care technology can make a big difference in allowing parents 24/7 access to their newborn and more effective collaboration between care teams and families.

The AngelEye project was funded by donations to the Franciscan Health Foundation. “Not all babies get to come home immediately from the hospital due to various situations. The Franciscan Health Foundation understood the importance of providing parents with this opportunity to see their child 24/7,” said Sandy Howarth, Executive Director, Franciscan Health Foundation Western Indiana. “Working with several donors we were pleased to provide the resources to purchase the AngelEye system.”

Bob Dearing was one of the donors who helped fund the AngelEye system. “As a father of two, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to not be able to be there if they needed NICU care,” said Bob. It makes sense to use the technology we carry around with us every day to do something as meaningful as keeping parents connected to their baby.”

The AngelEye solution includes advanced camera technology with live-streaming video and one-way audio.

Using the camera technology, parents and other family members can log on through a secure network with a personal password so they can see their baby at any time on their phone, computer or tablet. “Parents tell us that this is the next best thing to being physically present in the NICU and really helps reduce anxiety during this emotional time,” said Marcia Cherry, director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Franciscan Health Lafayette East.

AngelEye was designed by clinicians to improve the efficiency of critical care workflows, resulting in improved communication and collaboration between families and care teams. The innovative system delivers on the promise of family-centered care.