Debby and Thomas Corlew

Corlew Donut Co., located at 1803C Veterans Memorial Parkway S, has made its donuts by hand each day for the past 16 years.

Debby Corlew and husband Tom co-own the family business and their son Thomas helps behind the counter.

They offer 16 to 18 options to satisfy most any customer’s sweet tooth.

Customer favorites include the apple fritters that are each easily three or more servings.

“They’re huge and we do put real apples in those,” Debby Corlew said.

Other favorites include the blueberry cake donuts and cinnamon rolls. The store glazes some of the rolls and puts nuts on others for good variety.

“All of our donuts are good of course,” Corlew said, laughing. “Everybody has their favorite.”

The store makes all of its own icings and the fluff that is used to fill their long johns. They use honey in the glaze, which is also made by hand.

After years of working at Payless in the bakery, starting as a cleanup guy in high school in Anderson, Ind., Tom transferred to the Lafayette store near the mall as a bakery manager.

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