Skills camp drew kids from K-8


The attendees of the KVHS Baseball Skills Camp pose with the staff and team members.

WHEATFIELD – Kankakee Valley baseball coach Doug Nelson started off his season with an eye to the future of KV baseball and softball when he, his staff and the Kougar players held their annual youth camp for kids ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade.

The event was held on March 7 and March 14 with K-4 working out between 8-9:30 a.m, and grades 5-8 going from 9:30-11 a.m.

Over 50 young boys and girls showed up to work with the instructor in the comfort of the KVHS gym. The instruction cost just $25 and each attendee received a T-Shirt as well as chances to win prizes while learning.

The money raised goes to help the team with various expenses during the season.

“It was a good experience for both the youngsters and the kids on the team,” said Nelson. “The older kids got to show some leadership and pass on some skills as the younger ones get ready for Little League.”

The young people practiced drills at stations that included various fielding and hitting situations, as well as competed in contests. In general, they just had fun while improving their baseball skills.

Each students brought their own bat, batting helmet, shoes to run inside and a glove.

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