Averie Rondeau

Photo by Tom Sparks

KV eighth-grader Averie Rondeau works around the defense of Clark’s Mayah Grigsby.

WHEATFIELD — Playing on the high school floor on Saturday, Feb. 29, the KVMS eighth-grade girls took on their Clark counterparts but fell in both the A-team and B-Team games. The A-team fell 34 – 26 and the B-Team score was 38 – 29 in two hard-fought games.

In the A-game KVMS’ Juliet Starr led all scoring with ten points that included two three-pointers and going four-for-four from the free-throw line. The Kougars never led in the game but did manage to tie it up at halftime before falling back behind in the third.

In the B-game that followed, the young Kougars hung close in the first quarter but fell behind 19 — 11 in the second. The Pioneer B-team continued to pull away in the third but KVMS rallied in the final frame but could not keep their counterparts from scoring.

Pioneer’s Heather Gorman led all scoring with 14 points. For the Kougars, Olivia Plummer led with 12.

A-Team at KVHS 2-29-2020

Clark-8th-A Team 7-9-11-7=34

Kankakee Valley-8th-A Team 6-10-7-3=26


Pioneers-8A: Olivia Enyeart 3-0-6-2-8; Cassidy Sullivan 1-0-0-0-2; Brianna Bracken 0-0-0-0-0; Libby Voliva 0-0-0-0-0; Alivia Otten 0-0-2-1-1; Nadia Clayton 2-1-2-2-9; Charlize Bais 1-1-0-0-5; Camryn Weber 3-1-0-0-9.

Kougars-8A: Elyse Starr 0-0-4-2-2; Olivia Plummer 1-0-0-0-2; Brooke Swart 1-0-2-1-3; Lily Jones 0-0-0-0-0; Sydney Rose 1-0-0-0-2; Juliet Starr 0-2-4-4-10; Madelyn Murray 0-0-2-1-1; Genna Hayes 3-0-0-0-6.

B-Team at KVHS 2-29-2020

Clark-8th-B Team 5-14-11-8=38

Kankakee Valley-8th-B Team 8-3-4-14=29


Pioneers-8B: Cassidy Sullivan 2-0-0-0-4; Libby Voliva 2-0-0-0-4; Alivia Otten 4-0-2-1-9; Sarah Sues 1-0-4-2-4; Heather Gorman 4-2-0-0-14; Angelina DeChene 0-0-0-0-0; Jaydn Ahrens 0-0-0-0-0; Mayah Grigsby 0-1-0-0-3.

Kougars-8B: Olivia Plummer 4-0-6-4-12; Sarah Biedron 2-0-6-1-5; Audrey Campbell 1-0-0-0-2; Chloe Boer 0-0-0-0-0; Colleen Grafton 2-0-0-0-4; Averie Rondeau 1-1-0-0-5; Riley Kain 0-0-2-1-1.