Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Attention all Keener Township and Wheatfield Township property owners along or near the NORWEJ water line extension to the I-65/Indiana 10, I-65 rest parks and Kankakee Valley High School areas.

Last year, all property owners in Keener Township and in DeMotte town limits were blindsided with a $120 per year charge by the water board, NORWEJ, a public utility of DeMotte, which was originally called for fire protection and ending up being for the privilege of being within a radius 800 feet of a fire hydrant.

The rationale was that since the property owner had received a reduction in their home owners insurance, NORWEJ could take $120 of that money. It did not matter if the land was used as a cemetery, state highway, vacant or wooded lots, farm ground without any buildings or any slight corner of the parcel being within that radius.

This would be similar to an electric utility charging this fee to any property owner along their electric line in anticipation of maybe having a building needing electric in the future.

Guess what? NORWEJ has stated that this same charge will be placed along property owned adjacent to the new extension lines. This was written into an interlocking agreement between DeMotte, NORWEJ and the Jasper County Commissioners.

Feel free to go to the NORWEJ meeting minutes or website to verify this and other information about their plans.

William Krueger

Keener Township trustee

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