Dear Editor:

Recently, many of us who live in the DeMotte area received a DeMotte News Update letter. In that letter we were informed that the so-called “hydrant fee” would no longer be collected with the county property tax.

In the letter, the Jasper County auditor and treasurer were both thrown under the bus for refusing to put this water bill on the property tax bill. I totally understand. Why should the county treasurer have to collect money for DeMotte’s water bills. The town should handle their own affairs. It’s the responsibility of the town, not the county.

Also, when the decision to put the charge on your property tax bill was made, those in the town hall responsible for doing that didn’t even follow their own ordinance. It states in the ordinance that the county treasurer had to approve putting the charge on the property tax bill. The treasurer knew nothing about it until after the fact.

I believe the treasurer was purposely left out of the loop.

Also, the town administration says handling this billing will cost the town more money. So it didn’t cost the county to do this? Bills from the town for water, trash pick-up and sewer go out every month. How hard would it be to add it to those bills?

Anyway I could go on for hours about why the town pulled this stunt, and it all has to do with deception, but I won’t at this time.

Bottom line, I think you can believe what comes out of the mouths of the town board and the NORWEJ board about as much as the fake news. This hydrant fee is needed because there isn’t enough money coming in from those hooked up to the water system to cover all maintenance and expansion.

Due to that, they had to figure a way to charge those of us who are not hooked up to the system, hence, a “fire protection” fee. What a joke!

You want more people to hook up to the water system, make it cost effective. Also, if you don’t want any backlash, be upfront with the residents of DeMotte.

Patrick Donnelly,


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