Police sketch

A sketch of the man believed to be impersonating an officer was released by the Indiana State Police’s Lowell Post.



Indiana State Police has confirmed that the traffic stop on the female on I-65 south bound at the 249 mile marker was in fact a police officer with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  The officer verified he made the traffic stop on I-65 on July 8. The officer did stress he DID NOT make a traffic stop in Portage on July 17, and has no knowledge of that contact.

The officer saw the article in the newspaper and realized it was a traffic stop he had made and contacted our department. Any information/witness on the female from Portage’s traffic stop needs to be directed to the Portage Police Department.

LOWELL — Indiana State Police (ISP) and Portage Police Department have each received a report about a possible police impersonator who came into contact with two different women within nine days of each other.

ISP received a report of a female who was stopped on I-65 south bound at the 249 mile marker (109th Street exit-Crown Point) on July 8th at approximately 9:50 p.m., she stated that the vehicle was a late model black/dark blue Ford Crown Victoria with red/blue lights inside the windshield. The male white driver, described as older, with short gray hair and a mustache, wearing brown/khaki pants with a tan polo shirt, with no markings, he had no gun belt on or any weapons in view, didn’t use a flashlight on approach, and did not identify himself as a police officer or himself in general.

She stated he was aggressive in his demeanor and yelling that she had been speeding. He took her driver’s license and registration back to his car where he sat for approximately five minutes before returning her items. He told her she would receive a ticket in the mail in a few weeks and if she didn’t take care of it a warrant would be issued for her arrest. The woman stated his demeanor changed when he approached for the second time when he realized she wasn’t alone.

A witness who was coming home from work also called about this traffic stop and saw the suspect “police car” pull her over at 109th Street. The witness also gave the same description and added that the Crown Victoria only had some flashing white lights around the plate in the rear with red/blue lights in the front windshield.

ISP troopers were dispatched to canvas the area that evening with no results.

Portage Police Department was contacted on July 22, 2019 about a traffic stop that occurred in their town on July 17, 2019 involving a Crown Victoria with red/blue traffic lights and a possible police impersonator. A sketch that was developed by ISP from our victim was sent to Portage Police. Their victim who also got a good look at the suspect stated they looked similar.

Anyone with any information on either stops or on the suspect who made these stops please contact ISP Detective Brian McCall at 219-690-0083.

All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.