Bruce Wood

Bruce Wood

JASPER COUNTY — The Jasper County Airport Authority would like to welcome new board member Bruce Wood.

Wood is filling the vacancy left by board member Kimberlie DeWees, who resigned last month due to scheduling conflicts.

“Kim’s agriculture experience has been extremely valuable to the airport,” said airport manager Ray Seif. “Her participation will be missed.”

Wood, a lifelong resident of Jasper County, is a married father of four and grandfather of nine. In 2016, he retired from Wood Brothers Seed and Lumber, where he worked for 35 years. He’s always been interested in aviation and even started flight training, but had to stop due to rising costs and the nationwide fuel crisis in the 1970’s.

Wood caught the aviation bug from his father who served as a control tower officer at a B-17 base in England during WWII.

Wood is not new to serving the citizens of Jasper County. In the past, he has served on:

• Jasper County Sheriff Merit Board (13 years)

• Jasper County Deputy Coroner (18 years)

• Jasper County Hospital Board (13 years)

• Rensselaer Volunteer Fire Department. (14 years)

• Rensselaer Building Authority (3 years)

• Rensselaer Unsafe Building Committee (4 years)

• Rensselaer Board of Zoning Appeals (5 years)

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