WHEATFIELD — Wheatfield Elementary students had special afternoon Friday when they gathered to hear which class would get to see their teacher get a pie in the face, and to celebrate their donation to the American Cancer Society by inviting survivors to come and walk laps around the school with them.

Teacher David Myers, emcee for the event, told the students they did this so someday they can celebrate a cure.

The students raised over $1,400, and heard from a cancer survivor, Melissa Parker, who told them to eat better, including vegetables and fruits and getting exercise every day. She also told them to wear sunscreen outside and finally, to be kind to one another. “Kindness makes everyone feel better,” she said.

The children were invited to wear capes like superheroes. Parker said she had a friend who made her a cape with a big “M” on it for Melissa. She wore it to school on her birthday.

Janet Wartman, community development manager for the American Cancer Society, told the students that she, too, is a cancer survivor. She explained the American Cancer Society helps provide wigs for men and women going through chemotherapy, and hotel rooms when a person has to go away for treatment. “Keep yourself healthy, and do your homework!” she said, continuing, “I just wanted to throw that in there.”

Myers announced the third graders had brought in the most money so their teachers were the lucky recipients of a pie full of shaving cream in the face. The teachers were Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Walther, Ms. Jurcik and Mrs. Parks. Principal Cathy Vollmer was also expected to get a pie smashed in her face, but she delegated the fun to Iran Floyd, who is the volunteer assistant principal at the school. He took the challenge, getting a pie in the face to the delight of the students.

After the pies, students who invited a survivor to the event were given “gold medals” to give to their guest and then got to walk around the school for the relay with them. Chairs were provided for those who just wanted to sit and watch the students do their walk.

While passing through the hallways, each grade took turns holding up signs of encouragement for the survivors and the students walking. Each grade took a couple laps around the school as the others cheered them on.

This was the first Recess Relay for the school, but certainly not the last!