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The Roselawn Little League is celebrating 40 years of playing ball and Boezeman Oil has been along for the journey every year. The company has sponsored a team each year since 1981.

ROSELAWN, Ind. — The Roselawn Little League is celebrating 40 years in a big way as the organization is hosting two state tournaments this summer.

To host the tournaments, the organization is needing a little extra help from local businesses and supporters but there is one supporter the organization has been able to count on for the last 40 years, Boezeman Oil.

Boezeman Oil has supported the Little League organization in a number of ways during the last 40 years including sponsoring a team every year, donating fuel for when fields were being built, and donating barrels for garbage. The generosity that Boezeman Oil has had toward the baseball and softball program began with Ralph Boezeman. Boezeman Oil was started by Ralph and Doris Boezeman.

“My dad was a participant in the Little League many, many years ago because he was a coach,” said Dan Boezeman, owner of Boezeman Oil. “Why I keep sponsoring it too is because Little League holds a special place in my heart for my dad and me.”

Dan said he began his Little League career behind the old Lincoln school in Roselawn. Dan believes his dad was involved in the program because of him. Dan fondly remembers his dad being the coach for the All-Star team.

“It was fun and I just enjoyed playing baseball,” said Dan, who played for about four years, or between 8-12 years old.

Dan said he recently found plaques from 1981 and 1982 that were given to Boezeman Oil because they sponsored a team each year. Dan has been thinking about hanging all the plaques on a wall for a photo but most times a few plaques are displayed during the season before being stored away.

“We’re members of the community and that’s why we also sponsor,” Dan said.

Dan currently has two granddaughters who play softball.

Roselawn Little League President Eric Jones said having the support of a business like Boezeman Oil for 40 years is almost unheard of.

“It’s absolutely beautiful to know a business has dedicated 40 years to such a small league,” Jones said. “Forty years and having the plaques to prove it is absolutely mind-blowing. He has always been with us.”

This year is a big deal for the league not only because they are celebrating 40 years but because they are sponsoring two state tournaments. Jones said the league was awarded the 8,9 and 10-years-old softball state tournament this year but then “due to some unforeseen circumstances a different district was unable to host the junior softball which is for players 13 and 14 years old. They asked if we would be interested in hosting two and from our district administrator’s view we are the first one in the State of Indiana to host two state tournaments.”

Jones said because of the tournaments, the league has been working with local hotels and businesses to raise funds, reserve hotel rooms, and find food sponsors.

“This is exciting,” Jones said. “We are beyond honored to be able to host it and we are giving it our all. This is not just about Newton County but also Jasper County too.”

The tournaments will be held July 15-18.

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