KVMS top students


The KVMS Students of the Month for September were (front, L to R) Pierce Scott, Caylee Simmons and Kambria DeKock; and, (back, L to R) Damien Peach, Lucien LaPradd, Cameron Whitlock, Zach Broyles, Edwin Melgar Rivera and Gage Enright. Not pictured is Sarah Sampson.

WHEATFIELD — Kankakee Valley Middle School recently announced its September Students of the Month.

The R.O.A.R. attribute of the month was Ownership. Each pod and discipline selects a student that they believe best displays that attribute.

The student of the month for Pod 61 is Cameron Whitlock. After Cameron was absent for a few days, upon returning, he handed in all of his assignments for math. On his first day back, he immediately jumped right into the class discussion and completed a multi-step math problem without any assistance. After he completed it, the entire class clapped for him. Cameron rocked. He demonstrated great ownership for his school work. He is a role model for all of us.

The Student of the Month for Pod 62 is Edwin Melgar Rivera. Edwin is a responsible student who always comes to class ready and willing to work and learn. Edwin takes pride in his work, and it shows by the exemplary quality put into whatever we ask of him. Edwin’s positive attitude and quiet leadership skills make him a perfect fit for Student of Month in Pod 62.

The student of the month for Pod 71 is Caylee Simmons. Despite many personal challenges, Caylee has stepped up and not only kept up with her work but has done it very well. This attitude exemplifies the characteristic of Ownership within KVMS’s ROAR, and we are very proud of her efforts.

The Pod 72 teachers have chosen Pierce Scott as their September Student of the Month. Pierce takes ownership of his school responsibilities on a daily basis. During his lengthy quarantine, Pierce joined all of the Zoom meetings and stayed caught up on his work. On top of that, he’s a great guy. He is friendly, cooperative, and attentive. He also advocates for himself and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for clarification when he isn’t sure about something.

The Pod 81 student of the month is Kambria DeKock. Kam exhibits ownership of her education everyday by seeking out help and clarification when needed. She participates in class and always has a positive attitude. She works hard every day to succeed in her academics.

Pod 82 has chosen Lucien LaPradd as the September Student of the Month. He has shown great ownership of his academics and behavior and has advocated for himself in school situations. Lucien is a model, hardworking student who applies himself well to every endeavor.

The PE/Health department has selected Zach Broyles as their student of the month. Zach comes to class each day excited, to learn, and to help his classmates be successful. He also displays ownership when he helps with the equipment before and after class. Zach often will give suggestions on what activities he would like to participate in during class.

The Fine Arts department has selected Damien Peach as the September Student of the Month for his outstanding work in choir. Damien shows ownership by being enthusiastic and energetic every day. He is always eager to volunteer and is a leader in class. His excellent voice is a great contribution to the choir.

Unified Arts has chosen Gage Enright as student of the month. He comes to school ready to learn. He is always well prepared for class and takes pride in his work. He is kind and helpful to his classmates. He accepts any challenges you throw his way. He does not make excuses, but finds a way to be successful when he is faced with challenges. Gage is a model student who shows ownership in his learning and puts in the work he needs to be successful.

The office staff has selected Sarah Simpson as its student of the month. Sarah goes out of her way to model kindness, dignity and respect to her classmates and peers at KVMS. She has taken ownership in our building by being a part of various kindness initiatives and is also an active member of the Friends of Rachel Club.

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