J.C. Murphey Lake


J.C. Murphey Lake at Willow Slough

Visitors at Atterbury, Blue Grass, Sugar Ridge, and Willow Slough fish & wildlife areas (FWAs) may notice helicopters spraying for invasive species at these properties from September through November.Willow

Sugar Ridge and Blue Grass FWAs plan to focus applications on eliminating phragmites (Phragmites australis), while Willow Slough will focus on phragmites and black alder. Phragmites is an invasive species that has become established in multiple areas at these properties. Atterbury FWA will target bush honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii), autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellate), and muliflora rose (Rosa multiflora).

Managing invasive plants’ spread is critical in maintaining healthy and diverse wildlife habitats within the state. Herbicide applications will promote plant diversity and improve wildlife habitat.

Applications will be targeted at areas in which these invasive species are present and will be completed by a licensed applicator. The herbicide used for these applications is Arsenal®, which is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The herbicide does not affect people and has no known effect on wildlife.

Spraying at Willow Slough FWA could start as early as next week. The treatment areas at each respective property will be closed temporarily on the day of the treatment and up to 48 hours after the application is completed. Applications are highly dependent on weather and other conditions – visitors should contact the property’s office for more information regarding closures on the day of their visit. Once applications are completed, the areas will be open and safe for all recreational activities to occur.

For more information on Atterbury FWA, see on.IN.gov/atterburyfwa.

For more information on Blue Grass FWA, see on.IN.gov/bluegrassfwa.

For more information on Sugar Ridge FWA, see on.IN.gov/sugarridgefwa.

For more information on Willow Slough FWA, see on.IN.gov/willowsloughfwa.

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