JASPER COUNTY — A Wheatfield man was arrested on two felony charges after nearing striking a person with his vehicle then getting out and threatening him with a tire iron.

According to police, during the afternoon hours of February 3rd, 2021 Richard G. Schwanke, 30, of Wheatfield, was incarcerated at the Jasper County Detention Center for an outstanding warrant. The warrant was issued by the Jasper Circuit Court on January 15th, 2021 for the following offenses:

  • Intimidation (Level 5 Felony)
  • Criminal Recklessness committed with a deadly weapon (Level 6 Felony)

This warrant was a result of an investigation that the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office began on November 22, 2020 when deputies responded to a fight in progress in front of a residence approximately 12 miles NE of Rensselaer.

Police state that the victim was attempting to break up a physical altercation that was occurring in front of his residence. While doing so, Richard G. Schwanke approached the scene, in a vehicle at a high rate of speed. Schwanke slammed on the brakes bringing his vehicle to an abrupt stop nearly striking the victim. Schwanke then exited the vehicle, grabbed a tire iron and pointed that tire iron in a threatening manner towards the victim and other bystanders. At this time, the victim separated himself from the scene and waited for deputies to arrive.

Schwanke had fled the scene prior to the deputies arrival.

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