KENTLAND — Christopher Mathis, one of the five people originally charged in the March 30, 2019 murder of Nicole Bowen, accepted a plea agreement and has been released after being sentenced to time served.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys Rebecca Goddard and Patrick Ryan came before Newton County Superior Court Judge Daniel Molter Sept. 18, along with Mathis and his attorney Brooke Scheurich.

In accordance with the plea agreement, the court accepted Mathis’ guilty plea for the offense of assisting a criminal (Level 6 Felony) and dismissed the charge of obstruction of justice (Level 6 Felony).

Molter sentenced Mathis to a 912-day term of incarceration to the Department of Corrections. However, since Mathis had already served 492 days of incarceration while awaiting disposition of these charges, the court granted the Mathis credit for 984 days toward his sentence, and he was released.

The court also fined Mathis $1 along with court costs for a total of $185.

Bowen’s body was found in a hunting shack in the area of CR 1275 S east of CR 600 W northwest of Kentland.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Garrett Kirts, who has pleaded guilty to the murder, informed police that he contacted Mathis to help dispose of the body. Kirts left the trailer and picked up Mathis at his residence in Kentland and drove around the country until they discovered an area containing a shipping container (later described as a hunting shack) and an excavator nearby. Kirts told police that he realized with the excavator on the same road, the road had to be traveled and where he figured Bowen’s body would eventually be found.

Kirts and Ashley Garth, who is also charged with murder, are just two of the five suspects that were charged in the case of the death of Bowen.

Talitha Beckley of Monticello and Mathis of Kentland were both been with assisting a criminal, while Jasmine N. Parker of Kentland, was sentenced to five years in prison by Newton County Superior Court Judge Daniel Molter on Oct. 7 after she pleaded guilty to assisting a criminal.