WHEATFIELD — Kankakee Valley High School athletics resumed on July 6 after a well-laid-out plan that drew upon the information and recommendations provided from the Jasper County Health Department, the Indiana High School Athletics Association and even the national Center for Disease Control.

Athletes’ temperatures were taken, screening questions and observations were made, locker rooms were left unused and still, 14 days later, the KVHS Athletic Department was forced to send an e-mail and call to every parent of an athlete in any of the active programs that advised them that all Kankakee Valley Sports programs would be suspended at this time due to an athlete testing positive for COVID-19.

“We’ve followed all of the protocols and taken every precaution provided to us,” said Assistant Athletic Director Bill Mueller, “but yet, here we are. Now we’ll wait to hear the recommendations of the Jasper County Health Department.”

The Jasper County Health Department is aware of the positive test and will be working closely with the Kankakee Valley School Corporation on what to do next. All student athletes that had direct contact with the affected student-athlete will be notified directly.

According to the information released by the KVHS Athletic Department, the student-athlete that tested positive was last at the school on July 14. All athletes and coaches that had contact with that student are advised by the health department that they should self-quarantine for 14 days.

This situation follows similar occurrences at Boone Grove High School and Portage High School.

Schools in the Kankakee Valley School Corporation are scheduled to return to classes on Wednesday, August 12.

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