NEWTON COUNTY — The Hoosier Homestead Award Program is an initiative led by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) that seeks to recognize farming families who own and operate farmland that has been in their family for 100 years or more.

As a part of this program, the ISDA presents placards to the families who have maintained their farms for over a century, providing the recipients with one of three styles of placard based on the history of their homestead in intervals of 100, 150, and 200 years.

In order to qualify for the title of Hoosier Homestead, the farm must also either consist of 20 acres or more, or the operators must produce more than $1,000 worth of agricultural produce in a year, according to the ISDA website.

Now in their 45th year of recognizing legacy homesteads, the Hoosier Homestead Program has been working with Acclaim Press, a publishing company based in Missouri, to create a commemorative book featuring all of the Hoosier Homesteads of years past and present.

“The purpose for this book is to preserve Indiana’s incredibly rich farming and

agriculture history with a focus on the farms that are 100+ years old and still in the same

family,” says Clint Oftedahl, Publishing Consultant for Acclaim Press. “If you own one of these farms, take a few minutes and go to our website to fill out the form with your farm history so that you and your family farm are included in this keepsake book.”

The publisher is accepting submissions to be included in the book through November 30, 2021, extended from their original deadline of August 31. Those who have had their farms recognized as Hoosier Homesteads are invited to submit a 300-word history of their farm, alongside a photo that will be featured in the book.

“We saw a massive response from Hoosier Homestead farm owners in late August, which tells us that the word has gotten out there and farm owners are excited to submit their farm history for this book,” says Linda Forler, Director of the Hoosier Homestead Program. “With that late push, the publisher said we have to extend this submission

period to make sure everyone gets a chance to submit their free farm history and a


There is no fee for the submission of the history and photo, but there is an opportunity for submitters to pay for extra word space or photos through the Hoosier Homestead page on the Acclaim Press website.

Submissions should include the year the farm was started, how many generations have

worked/owned it, crops grown, places the farm’s produce is sold, the year the farm was inducted as a Hoosier Homestead Farm, etc.

The book is available for pre-order on the Acclaim Press website.

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