Jasper County REMC


JASPER COUNTY — Jasper County REMC (JCREMC) is excited to announce the beginning stages of their new broadband service division. This undertaking will be approximately a five-year build in the making. Jasper County REMC is eager to begin the creation of this division as they work to provide faster, more reliable Internet at affordable prices to their current members.

The new broadband service will provide higher speed Internet to rural areas that are currently lacking the connection speeds that are essential to the lives of our members in our ever-changing digital world. JCREMC understands this need based on hard data they have gathered over the past few years.

Jasper County REMC CEO, Bryan Washburn commented, “The pandemic has brought this issue to light as more and more people rely on technology for their work, education, virtual doctor appointments, and communication with others.”

High-speed Internet isn’t a luxury

“Employees from a variety of businesses have proven that highly-skilled work can be done anywhere—as long as the tools are in place,” said Seann Perry, Jasper County REMC Broadband Manager. “Our cooperative realizes that advanced Internet infrastructure shouldn’t be a luxury. It is just as important as electricity.” Perry added.

Jasper County REMC understands the importance of technology in today’s world. It is a need that cannot be ignored. The broadband service will involve a five- to eight-year building process. The construction of the SmartGrid Ring, an essential technology component of this division, must be completed first. This important piece is set to be completed by the end of 2021. Some benefits of the SmartGrid Ring will include fewer power outages and the improvement of communications between the substations. The cooperative is dedicated to completing the construction process for the whole project in the timeliest possible manner.

A “cooperative” solution

Jasper County REMC’s relationship with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative and Wabash Valley Power Alliance, JCREMC’s generation and transmission facilitator, play key roles in this undertaking. Wabash Valley Power, also a cooperative, has recently collaborated with Intelligent Fiber Network to facilitate conversations and agreements to help provide broadband services to Jasper County REMC members.

More to come

More details about this new division, the planning and development phases, and the benefits provided to current members will be further discussed in future updates.

About Jasper County REMC: Jasper County REMC is a local not-for-profit electric and technology cooperative. Formed by Jasper county residents who recognized a need for electricity in their homes, Jasper County REMC has been serving the area since 1938. The business is committed to the same values it began with: To serve their members and community with reliable electric and technological service.

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