2019 marks the golden anniversary for local construction business, Hollandale Builders. Bud Hubers and Jim Toppen got together in 1969 to build homes in “Hollandale subdivision”, located behind what is now Family Express, in DeMotte. They were partners for 15 years. Over the years Hollandale has employed many who moved on to form their own local construction companies, names you have no doubt seen: A & A Builders, Andree Builders, All’s Construction, Toppen Inc., Kaluf Construction, Homestead Construction.

In 1985, Toppen was ready to pursue other interests about the same time as Bud’s son, Mark, returned from teaching in West Africa. Mark bought into the business and has enjoyed a 22 year stint of building with his father. In these years Hollandale continued to strengthen ties with the community and build loyal relationships with both sub-contractors and suppliers. Their longest supplier has been Kaper’s Building Material and the longest-standing subcontractor relationship has been with Saxon, both of whom have been working with Hollandale for most of those 50 years.

In 2007, at the age of 75, Bud sold his interest in Hollandale to Craig Hill, who had moved to DeMotte from Merrillville. In the time Craig has been on board, Hollandale has begun to do their own electrical, and excavating work and gone back to concrete work. Being able to complete most aspects of the construction process has helped get the company through lean years, particularly after the housing crisis in 2008. Having a good core of subcontractors has helped move things along when building is booming, such as in the last three years.

Greg Musch joined Hollandale as a part owner in 2015. Greg adds a good eye on the job site as well as skills in trim and specialty carpentry. Hollandale’s lead all-around employee is Matt Miklos, who has been with the company for 17 years and truly can “do it all.” Hollandale is grateful for an employee like this.

Hollandale is a family owned company building homes for families. Mark has six children and 19 grandchildren. Although he mostly does administrative work, he likes to get out and work at the job site. Craig and Greg each have three children and have hands full at home as well as on the job. All three are active in their churches, Community Christian Reformed and First Reformed churches.

Hollandale’s main-stay is custom-built homes where the company works with the customer to design their home. Hollandale helps dreams become reality, whether that is a home, garage, addition, or remodel. Communication with customers is the key to seeing things run smoothly. Quality building is of prime importance to Hollandale Builders, and while they don’t profess to do this perfectly, it is certainly their goal to have no surprises for their customers.

Mark says they often ask themselves, “What would we do on our own house?” “We do our best to build a quality home and avoid any problems, but we also warranty our work. We plan to be here for the next 20 years.” Affirmation of quality construction was recently seen when a friend moved into the area and purchased a home that Hollandale had built 44 years ago; the home owner said, ‘I can see quality in this home.’”

A few projects that highlight the work of Hollandale Builders include Sand Ridge Subdivision and Hickory Lane Condominiums. Sand Ridge is a subdivision of single family homes in a country setting located ½ mile north of Rt. 10 on 1000 W. Hickory Lane Condominiums, a luxury condo setting at 901 9th Circle SW in DeMotte, is located three blocks west of DeMotte library and one block north of Field of Dreams. Two condo units are ready for purchase at $229,000. Hollandale also has lots available in Wolf Creek and Westgate subdivisions in Wheatfield as well as in Autumn Oaks subdivision in Roselawn and Iron Lake in DeMotte.

Whether you are looking at a home, an addition or a remodel — on your lot or theirs — give Hollandale Builders a call. Hollandale is “Families building homes for families.”

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