To the Editor,

Why I’m voting NO to Retain Justice Tom Kilbride

Thomas Kilbride is an Illinois Supreme Court Justice who represents the 3rd Supreme Court District which includes Iroquois County.

Judges should be impartial, even-handed, and beholden to no one other than the law. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with Justice Kilbride.

Thomas Kilbride was first elected to the Supreme Court in 2000, with heavy support from Mike Madigan and the Chicago Political Machine. He was once again retained in 2010 in what the Chicago Sun-Times called, “Madigan’s Greatest Victory.”

In 20 years on the bench, Thomas Kilbride has blocked term limits, fair maps, and key reforms to get Illinois on the right path. He has upheld Mike Madigan’s gerrymandered districts twice, and with redistricting just around the corner, we can’t allow someone who is bought and paid for by the Chicago machine to rule on whether or not we have competitive elections in Illinois.

I agree he is a nice guy

I agree he is intelligent

I agree he has a strong work ethic

I disagree with his decision to rule against major economic reform that could improve the state’s business climate

I disagree with his acceptance of almost 4 million dollars in campaign cash from Speaker Mike Madigan. Earlier this month, Kilbride had vowed not to take any more money from Madigan controlled entities. However earlier this week (October 20, 2020) he took $550,000 from the Democratic Party of Illinois- Madigan’s strongest political arm.

I disagree with his decision to rule against Fair Mapping in Illinois. In fact Kilbride wrote the majority opinion striking down the citizen led ballot initiative that would have given Illinois voters a say in redistricting. Instead he allows Mike Madigan to have all the power to draw gerrymandered maps. We deserve better and we deserve FAIR MAPS!

Please join me along with more than 500 elected officials and community leaders across the 3rd Judicial District by voting NO to retain Justice Thomas Kilbride.

Susan Wynn Bence

Past President, Illinois Federation of Republican Women

President, Iroquois County Republican Women

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