The 2021 World Day of Prayer service will take place at 9:30 a.m. March 5, at the United Methodist Church, 600 Union, Crescent City. The women from the United Methodist, St. Peter’s Lutheran and St. Joseph Catholic churches of Crescent City will present the program.

This year’s theme is “Build on a Strong Foundation.” Women of the Republic of Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific Ocean, have prepared this year’s service. The black and white sandy beaches, coral reefs with colored fishes, lovely birds, fruits and nuts in the forest, all make the islands a pristine environment but are vulnerable to frequent tropical storms, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis and active volcanoes. Women, men and children of all ages are called to “build on a strong foundation” and live in unity, love and peace in the context of ethnic and cultural diversity like so many places around the world.

World Day of Prayer is an international inter-church organization which enables those attending to hear the thoughts of women from all parts of the world: their hopes, concerns and prayers. An international committee is based in New York City and the presenting country plans the program which is provided to participating churches. World Day of Prayer is celebrated in over 170 countries and presented in native languages around the world: Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

All men and women in the community are invited to attend this special service. Please wear a mask and plan to social distance.

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