Unit 9

The Unit 9 School referendum question passed Tuesday.

The vote on the proposal to issue bonds was 1,169 yes and 345 no.

The question asked to issue $17,125,000 in school building bonds to address maintenance and flood plain issues. The project will see all schools moved to a central local on the high school grounds, which is out of the flood plain. It will also update the schools with the latest technology.

The referendum will provide 25 percent of the funding, with state and federal grants to provide the remainder, according to information from the district.

The information provided indicates that the annual tax increase will be roughly $39 for a $50,000 home, $99 for a $100,000 home, $159 for a $150,000 home and $219 for a $200,000 home.

District representatives have said that if the referendum passed the Unit 9 office building and Glenn Raymond School will no longer be used once the new buildings are constructed.

Along with this, Nettie Davis School, which currently houses kindergarten and first grades and has flooded several times in the past few years, will be closed at the end of this school year.

Superintendent Dr. David Andriano provided a statement from the board.

“Dear Parents and Community Members, Thank you! Thank you to everyone who voted on this important measure. “Thank you for voting to support student learning by investing in facilities. The election results show that voters have approved the Unit 9 building referendum. This is an extremely exciting time for our community!

“Unit 9 first began talking about a building referendum well over two years ago. This has been a long journey. Unit 9 remains committed to delivering high-quality education, protecting taxpayer resources, listening to our residents, and empowering young learners.

“A special thank you goes out to the countless people that helped with this referendum. During the planning phase, district leadership, staff and community members attended forums, answered surveys, and examined the district’s finances and plans to help guide the School Board in the decision to place the building referendum on the ballot. The “Unity For Our Community” task force did an amazing job of providing informative, transparent information to everyone. Citizens displayed yard signs, walked door to door distributing information, attended informational events, and engaged in conversations about the future of our district. This was a team effort.

“While a majority of the funding will come from grants, the referendum’s approval also comes with a financial sacrifice on the part of taxpayers. We are committed to our tradition of fiscal responsibility as we engage in the next phase of building planning. Each decision will be made with both the students and the taxpayers in mind. The Board will continue being transparent with stakeholders throughout the entire process.

“Thank you for all that you do — and have always done — to support the students of Unit 9. We are excited to see what the future brings to our students, staff, and community! Unit 9 Board of Education & Dr. David Andriano, Unit 9 Superintendent”

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