Mayor Mark Rabe called the June 7 town board meeting to order at 7 p.m. at city hall. Cathy Christensen, clerk, took roll call with the following present: Joe Belott, Jim Sorensen, Dennis Ritzma, Kim Rabe and Steve Carley. Also present were treasurer Carolyn Rapp and village maintenance engineer Al Johnson.

Minutes of the May 3 meeting were discussed and approved.

Johnson noted he has been doing routine maintenance in the village and told the board the Crescent City Historical Society’s banners have been hung. There was some discussion on the shut-off at Dr. Yergler’s office as it needs to be found and marked. More replacement trees have been planted in the village and Mayor Rabe shared a thank you note from Tim and Joyce Dorsey.

The ERH report was read by Christensen and it noted, in addition to monthly routine business, a water leak had been repaired at the corner of Florida and Ash streets. Two new water meters have been installed and several more have been scheduled.

Rapp presented her village and community center reports to board members. She has been working with a technician from Redline Data Systems and he is making the transfer of water billing information from her old system to the new one an easier task. The list of residents with past-due water bills was discussed. The village report and the community center report were both approved and accepted.

The board went over the Annual Appropriation Ordinance, with some of the changes discussed, and then approved.

Mayor Rabe noted the upcoming Garage Crawl on June 19. This event is sponsored by Blondie’s and The Depot, it is not a city-sponsored event. Fireworks will take place that evening, located in the field on the west side of Route 49 south. A contract still needs to be drawn up for the beer garden expansion planned by Tina Sandberg of The Depot. It was noted some people are having trouble finding the village’s Facebook page. Since someone had used the Village of Crescent City page, the official page is titled “Crescent City, IL 60928.” The mayor will post the Facebook page on the village’s sign. It was noted some of the complaints about properties needing cleaning up had been addressed. There are still a couple properties which need cleaned up.

Kim Rabe had received a phone call from Pat Peterson, president of the Crescent City Historical Society, expressing the group’s appreciation of helping to get the new banners hung. The group requested to bring a display of train derailment items to the first floor of city hall during the upcoming Garage Crawl and possibly after the community worship services on June 20. The CCHS museum is located in the upstairs of city hall and the board gave its approval for the downstairs display.

Belott and Christensen presented a brochure with Christmas decorations they would like to order. It was suggested they contact the company and see if a representative could be present at the next meeting or if a decoration could be obtained to check its durability.

Adjournment for the meeting came at 8:52 p.m. with the next meeting set for 7 p.m. Monday, July 5.

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