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It was a year in the making as St. Paul’s Lutheran School was to host the 2020 Iroquois County Tournament until the Covid Pandemic viral interruption.

This year's host was unavailable so St. Paul’s Lutheran School reprised its host role and showed that a safe planned event can proceed with no issues.

There were five county schools that were present for a round-robin format that allowed distancing but was still fun with normal concessions and parent attendance for all schools.

Donovan came in fifth place while Milford took fourth with one victory. Iroquois West was third with two wins, while St. Paul’s only lost once to Cissna Park.

Cissna Park went undefeated going into the final showdown.

Lead scorers for each school, respectively, and all-county team nominations were: Carter Ponton (Donovan), David Bell (Milford), Zac Alvarez, Clare Wagner (Iroquois West), Kinley VanHoveln (honorable mention with 9 tossups for St. Paul’s), and Issac Phelan and MVP Trent Schmid (Cissna Park) with 10 for the pool play.

The finale was between St. Paul’s and Cissna Park, whom Woodworth had bested earlier in the season, on their way to a perfect season for live events. Cissna Park pulled ahead in a match that went six rounds before either team got going, with a correct response.

A thank you to Crescent City for the use of their buzzer system and to moderators, Diane Perkins and Hillary Sawyer.

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