This year, for the first time ever, the Hawks’ Cross Country team was a co-op between Crescent City Grade School and Watseka’s Glenn Raymond Middle School. Head coach for the team was Heather Johnson, who was assisted by volunteer coach Troy Simpson. As with all athletic events, cross country was also affected by the pandemic – there was a sectional race, but no state competition.

The following is a season wrap of the season:

Aug. 22 – Saber Corn Race at St. Thomas More:

Fifth grader Parker Wolfe finished with a time of 35:32, receiving a medal for finishing in 12th place. The first Hawks’ sixth grade girl to finish was Addissen Ulitzsch, with a time of 22:27, followed by Vanysah Hickman with a time of 23:14. In the 6th grade boys division, Andrew Yates was the first Hawk to finish with a time of 17:06, which earned him a 13th place finish and a medal for finishing in the top 15; he was followed by Aaron Greene, 17:54, and Jack Hutchinson, 18:08.

The first 7th grade girl to finish the race was Cara Peterson, who finished with a time of 17:05, giving her an 8th place finish and earning a medal for finishing in the top 15. Next to finish the race were Traeh Kissack, 21:57; Ella Combes, 23.09; and Taylor Bright, 23:14. For the 7th grade boys, Hunter Wolfe finished 13th with a time of 16:11, and received a medal for a top 15 finish.

There are three 8th grade girls on the team and their finish in this race was: Sarah Parsons, 20:08; Sophie Simpson, 21:15; and Hannah Kollmann, 21:48.

Aug. 25 – versus JL Nash and Tri-Point:

At this meet, the girls’ team took first place. Finishing first for the Hawks and first overall was Cara Petersen with a time of 16:10. The next finishers were: Sarah Parsons, 18:39; Lydia Mustered, 19:00; Vanysah Hickman, 20:57; Hannah Kollmann, 20:59; Sophie Simpson, 21:01; Traeh Kissack, 21:11; Ella Combes, 24:01; Taylor Bright, 26:07; and Addissen Ulitzsch, 29:06.

Finishing third overall and first for the Hawks was Hunter Wolfe with a time of 15:47. He was followed by Andrew Yates, 17:02; Jack Hutchinson, 19:35; and Aaron Greene, 20:52. Fifth grader Parker Wolfe completed the one-mile race.

Coach Heather Johnson noted for this race, “We are very proud of our athletes for their hard work in (the) extreme heat. Great job!”

Aug. 27 – versus PBL and JL Nash:

Coach Johnson noted, “The kids had another great race!”

The first Hawks runner to cross the line, and finishing second overall, was Cara Petersen with a time of 16:23. Next to cross the finish line were: Sarah Parsons, 17:53; Lydia Mustered, 19:00; Vanysah Hickman, 19:15; Sophie Simpson, 19:47; Traeh Kissack, 20.31; Hannah Kollmann, 21:51; Addissen Ulitzsch, 22:43; Taylor Bright, 24:04; and Ella Combes, 24:17.

The first male Hawks runner to finish the race and placing third overall was Hunter Wolfe, 14:58. Andrew Yates, who placed fourth overall, had a time of 15:18; followed by Jack Hutchinson, 16:38; Aaron Greene, 20:14; and Parker Wolfe, 33:20.

Sept. 17 – Irish Invite at Bishop Mac:

The Irish Invite took place at Bishop Mac with the Hawks running against six other teams. Coach Johnson said, “The Hawks ran great and we walked away with five medals for top 20, and the girls took home a third place trophy. A big shout out to our medal winners: Cara Petersen, Sarah Parsons, Vanysah Hickman and Addissen Ulitzsch for the girls team, and Hunter Wolfe for the boys.”

For the girls, the first Hawks athlete to cross the line was Cara Petersen, who earned a third place medal with a time of 14:47. Sarah Parsons earned a 10th place medal with a time of 15:48, followed by Vanysah Hickman who earned a 15th place medal with a time of 16:57. Addissen Ulitzsch earned a 17th place medal with a time of 17:17. Other runners and their times were: Traeh Kissack, 18:43; Sophie Simpson, 19:01; Taylor Bright, 19:01; Hannah Kollmann, 19:12; and Ella Combes, 20:48.

Hunter Wolfe was the first Hawks’ boy runner to cross the line with a time of 14:12, which earned him a 14th place medal. Also finishing were Jack Hutchinson, 15:10; Andrew Yates, 15:10; and Aaron Greene, 17:17.

Sept. 22 – 4-team meet at PBL:

For this meet, Coach Johnson said, “All of the athletes did a great job! They all improved their times from the last time we ran this course in August.”

The Hawks girls’ team took third place. First to finish was Cara Petersen, 15:27, who placed third overall, followed by Sarah Parsons, 16:08; Vanysah Hickman, 16:51; Addissen Ulitzsch, 17:43; Traeh Kissack, 18:23; Lydia Mustered, 18:43; Ella Combes, 18:48; Sophie Simpson, 18:48; Taylor Bright, 18:58; and Hannah Kollmann, 20:20.

Hunter Wolfe was the first Hawks runner to complete the race for the boys’ team with a time of 14:18. He was followed by Andrew Yates, 15:14; Jack Hutchinson, 15:16; and Aaron Greene, 17:31.

Sept. 26 – St. Paul’s Invite at Perry Farm, Bourbonnais:

For this invite, seven other teams competed, with Coach Johnson noting, “All of our athletes did a wonderful job! I am so proud of each one of them and the progress they have made this year! I would like to give a big shout out to Cara Petersen for placing sixth overall in the girls race and receiving a medal for finishing in the top 15!”

For the girls, Peterson was the first Hawks to cross the line with a time of 14:48. She was followed by Sarah Parsons, 16:15; Addissen Ulitzsch, 16:43; Vanysah Hickman, 16:57; Lydia Mustered, 18:39; Sophie Simpson, 18:48; Traeh Kissack, 18:56; Taylor Bright, 19:01; Ella Combes, 19:25; and Hannah Kollmann, 20:00. This team placed fourth overall.

For the boys, Hunter Wolfe finished in 14:16, followed by Jack Hutchinson, 15:45; Andrew Yates, 15:53; and Aaron Greene, 17:48.

Fun Run, 8th Grade Recognition:

A fun run took place at Peters Park. Afterwards, the three 8th grade runners were recognized: Hannah Kollmann, four-year member; Sophie Simpson and Sarah Parsons, one year each.

Oct. 7 at Tri-Point:

The first female runner to finish for the Hawks and place first overall was Cara Peterson with a time of 16:12. She was followed by Vanysah Hickman, 17:07; Sarah Parsons, 17:17; Addissen Ulitzsch, 17:39; Lydia Mustered, 18:19; Traeh Kissack, 18:32; Taylor Bright, 18:36; Ella Combes, 18:54; Sophie Simpson, 20:03; and Hannah Kollmann, 20:16.

For the boys, Hunter Wolfe finished in 14:27; Jack Hutchinson ran in 15:41; Andrew Yates, 16:05; Aaron Greene, 17:05; and Parker Wolfe, 30:29.

Oct. 15 — Sectional at Limestone Park:

The last meet of the season was the Sectional. Due to the pandemic, no state competition took place this year.

Hunter Wolfe was 10th, which placed him in the top 10 finishers, so he received a medal. He ran the course in 13:59 and was the only medal recipient for the Hawks.

Cara Peterson finished in 15:16, followed by Sarah Parsons, 15:46; Vanysah Hickman, 16:25; Addissen Ulitzsch, 16:28; Sophie Simpson, 17:45; Lydia Mustered, 18:27; and Hannah Kollmann, 19:10.

For the boys, placing after Hunter Wolfe were Jack Hutchinson, 14:56; Andrew Yates, 15:19; Aaron Greene, 16:46; and Parker Wolfe, 29:20.

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