Just after the July 4th holiday, a 4-team tournament was set up and included the All-Star teams from Milford/Sheldon, Cissna Park, Iroquois-West and Watseka. The tourney saw play by the teams in six games, all taking place at host Watseka’s Peters Park.

The Sheldon/Milford All-Star team was coached by TD Forbes and Quentin Schaumburg. Team members were Isaac Schaumburg, Jacob Shawbert, Cohen C., Jack VanHoveln, Brayden Forbes, Lucas Sommers, Brady Blue, Jackson L., Liam L., and Jackson W.

The Iroquois-West Raiders were coached by Ron Haase, Kyal Mueller and Matt Honeycutt. Players were Bruno Haase, Malachi Ark, Brody Mueller, Aayden Miller, Ben Hack, Bryce Rogers, Chase Honeycutt, Owen Robinson, Trenton Read, Aron Ontiveras and Alex Musto.

The Watseka team was coached by Dylan Harris, Caden Giroux and Michael Yates. Team members were Jacob England, Jack Hutchinson, Andrew Yates, Frankie Shervino, Drake Rabe, Skyler Norder, Noah Grimm, Andrew Snowden, Robbi Tincher, Owen Swartz and Ryan Parsons.

The Cissna Park All-Stars were coached by Tyler Eads and Nathan Schaffer. The team was made up of Adyn Schaffer, Brior Clark, Jream Renteria, Joah Henrichs, Jace Comstock, Wyatt Marcott, Adyn Hamrick, Austin Kaeb, Sawyer Kaeb and Kipten Steiner.

In the first game, the IW Raiders faced Milford/Sheldon, with IW coming out on top, 15-9. The winning pitcher was Malachi Ark with M/S’s Jack VanHoveln taking the loss. Brody Mueller went 2-3 at the plate, with 3 RBI’s, and teammate Aron Ontiveras went 1-3 at the plate, also with 3 RBI’s. For Milford/Sheldon, Cohan C. went 2-4 at the the plate, rocking for 2 RBI’s and 2 doubles, with teammate Jack VanHoveln going 2-4 at bat and also having 2 RBI’s.

Watseka faced Cissna Park in the second game of the tourney, coming out on top, 10-0. Jack Hutchinson was the winning pitcher with J. Rentaria taking the loss. Andrew Yates went 2-3 at bat, and teammate Drake Rabe went 1-2, both having 2 RBI’s. Cissna Park’s only hit came from Renteria.

Cissna Park faced Milford/Sheldon in the third game and came out on top, 4-3. Cissna Park scored four runs in the first inning. Cohan C. came on in relief and held Milford/Sheldon scoreless for the remainder of the game.

In the fourth game, Iroquois-West faced Watseka and went down 18-3. Frankie Shervino took the win, with Ben Hack taking the loss. For Watseka, Ryan Parsons went 1-2 at the plate and helped his team out with 2 RBI’s and a double. Also aiding Watseka was Skyler Norder who went 2-3 at the plate and came through with two hits and two RBI’s for his team. Brody Mueller had Iroquois-West’s only hit. Together, Watseka pitchers Shervino and Jack Hutchinson allowed one hit combined.

The fifth game saw Iroquois-West knock down Cissna Park 15-0. Brody Mueller took the win and Brian Clark took the loss. For Iroquois-West, Malachi Ark and Aayden Miller each went 3-4 at the plate – Ark had 4 RBI’s and Miller had 2. Cissna Park’s only hit came from Renteria. The combined pitching of Miller and Mueller allowed just one hit.

On Saturday, July 10, the championship game between Watseka and Iroquois-West took place, with Watseka earning the win 7-2. Winning pitcher Frankie Shervino struck out 11, allowing two runs on four hits over four innings. I-W pitcher Brody Mueller took the loss as he gave up 7 runs on four hits over four innings. Robbi Tincher had two hits and an RBI for Watseka, while teammate Jacob England went 1-1 at the plate, scoring two runs and taking 4 stolen bases. For Iroquois-West, Ontiveras and Mueller each had two hits. I-W did take nine stolen bases as three players stole more than one, led by Brody Mueller’s four. For Watseka, Jacob England managed four stolen bases.

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