Iroquois County

A spokesman for the Marathon Petroleum Corporation says the amount of gasoline that leaked from one of its pipelines earlier this week in Iroquois County is still being determined.

Spokesman Jamal Kheiry says the leak, which was detected about three miles east of Gilman on Wednesday afternoon, was caused by third party excavation activities in the area.

Kheiry says Marathon immediately shut down the pipeline, isolated the spill, deployed resources and personnel to contain the release, and begin the cleanup process.

The gas did reach a field ditch where Kheiry says it was contained and the gas is currently being removed.

The air quality in the area is being monitored as a precaution as well.

Several agencies are helping with the cleanup...including the Iroquois County Emergency Management Agency and the Illinois and U-S environmental protection agencies.

Kheiry says as of right now, there has not been any wildlife impacted by the gas spill.

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