Iroquois County

Crews have been working to rectify a release of gasoline in Iroquois County.

According to information from Iroquois County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator Eric Ceci in a July 15 news release, “Marathon Pipe Line (MPL) personnel are responding to a release of gasoline from one of its pipelines in Iroquois County, Illinois.  

“MPL has shut down and isolated the pipeline and has deployed resources and personnel to contain the release and initiate clean-up activities. Gasoline has reached a field ditch but has been contained upstream of Spring Creek. 

“MPL is conducting air monitoring as a precaution. There have been no injuries reported as a result of the release. MPL’s top priority during its response is to protect the safety of the responders, members of the public, and the environment.

“Relevant regulatory agencies, US and IL EPA,  have been notified and are supporting. Information is not yet available on the volume of product that has been released.  The cause of the release is believed to be the result of third party activities.”

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