Photo by Carla Waters

Eric Ceci looks at the election results posted at the Iroquois County Administrative building.

Voter turnout was at 26.80 percent in Iroquois County.

Clerk Breein Suver said the day went well with few issues.

“The day went great overall,” she said. “We had a few minor hiccups.”

She said all the precincts got in quickly and everyone worked really hard during the day.

“That is right about where I was expecting where it would be,” she said of the turnout. Some of the precincts were a little higher, she said, because of specific races.

There were were several write-in candidates, which was a little different than usual.

The votes are precinct votes, vote by mail, early and grace period votes have all been counted. There are a few outstanding ballots that are out and could still come in, she said. The results of the election are unofficial for 14 days to wait for any of those ballots to come in, as long as they are postmarked by election day and then certified.

Suver said, “This election wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the staff. Bob Yergler and Kurt Albers help tremendously by helping us get supplies. They run the show here. Bob helps us on election night.

“It wouldn’t work without the FFA kids coming and helping out. Obviously it wouldn’t work without the election judges,” she said, noting that the township supervisors also are a big help each election.

Suver noted that one of the election judge schools she asked how many some of them had worked the election and one judge said her first election was Kennedy-Nixon.

“How many years is that? Sixty-one years! Those election judges who have been doing this for so long, they are obviously phenomenal. None of this would happen without them.”

Suver said, too, that she is thankful for everyone. This year was not as stressful as a presidential race year, but is still important.

The next election is March of 2022. “We’re going to start preparing for that,” she said. Redistricting could cause some changes in the coming months.

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