Iroquois County

The Iroquois County Republican Central Committee has censured Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Committee Chairman Lyle Behrends said the committee voted on the censure Feb. 4. Kinzinger has faced criticism from Republicans since he voted to impeach President Donald. J. Trump.

In a statement from the committee sent over the weekend, committee chairman Lyle Behrends wrote, “Congressman Kinzinger, your vote to impeach President Trump has made crystal clear what many of us have known for years: You don’t represent the majority of voters in Iroquois County. When you were first elected to Congress, we were confident that you would reliably serve and advance the conservative principles of the 16th District in Washington. Unfortunately, you have chosen again and again to serve your personal and political agenda. At a time when our nation is imperiled by the left’s radical agenda, you have chosen to impeach President Trump, the foremost defender we had against the left’s obvious program to encroach on our liberties. We have made a choice as well, Congressman Kinzinger. The Republican Committeemen of Iroquois County have voted to censure you for your self-serving vote to impeach President Trump.”

The Iroquois County Republican Central Committee is made up of the elected Republican committeemen. Along with Behrends as chairman, Paul Ducat is vice chairman, Barb Offill is secretary and Kurt Albers is treasurer.

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