The Donovan District 3 Board of Education discussed building projects, and with that it approved $630,000 in working cash bonds.

At Wednesday’s meeting superintendent Toby Coates said the hope is to put bids for projects out in January.

The building and grounds committee had given an update on health and life safety matters, and it gave a plan on upcoming work for the spring and summer.

Coates said among the work needed done are doors which are dated and needing to be brought to code, the well at the elementary school, and boiler at the high school.

He said there is a maintenance grant that the district will write for and it will help cover costs.

In Andy Jordan’s principal report, he pointed out there are 159 students in the junior/senior high school: 95 high school and 64 junior high students.

He talked about the dual credit program Donovan has with Tri-Point. The classes are art appreciation, into to humanities, first year college experience, small business management, human resource management, management field, and history of western civilization.

In other curriculum reviewed, he told the board, “I am looking into why we offer keyboarding at the high school level when our students are 1:1 starting at the elementary level. This is probably something that was missed during the 1:1 initiative and we are looking to take it out of the handbook and replacing it with something else. We will probably make a recommendation at the November meeting.”

Plus, he said, “Toni Ponton is trailing IXL online software for her sixth grade science students. This will help her

supplement her science curriculum. If she likes and recommends it, we will add licenses for seventh and eighth graders as well.”

In sports, Jordan said St. Anne is on board for being the host school as the high school track co-op. They are going to take it to their board at their November meeting. All RVC coaches have voted in favor of the co-op. Donovan would need to transport students to St. Anne and also provide a

coach. The only other expense would be if they needed to order additional uniforms or equipment.

In baseball, Tri-Point didn’t have a baseball/softball team last year. Tri-Point is a green light for baseball, Jordan said, and they will provide a coach and transport their players to Donovan. Tri-Point is also looking to move forward with softball. This is a slower process as Tri-Point is dragging their feet more. We are still working together to iron out the details with Tri-Point. More information should be given at the November meeting.

Also at the meeting, the board approved a one-day senior class trip to Kalahari in Wisconsin.

Jordan Bard was hired as a substitute custodian.

Jordan and Coates were appointed as the administrations representatives on the RiF team.

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