Crescent City

The village board of Crescent City met Oct. 5 at city hall. Mayor Mark Rabe called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. Clerk Cathy Crego took roll call with the following trustees responding: Dennis Ritzma, Joe Belott, Jim Sorensen, Kim Rabe and Steve Carley. Also present was treasurer Carolyn Rapp.

Fred Butt was present to let the board know the township building, located along the north side of the railroad tracks, had been sold. He also gave an update on the water problems he has had at his residence.

Village maintenance engineer Al Johnson could not be present but Mayor Rabe reported the sink hole at the t-intersection of Union and Cherry streets is actually a housing for Ameritech/AT&T wires that had filled with dirt and water. Water meters in the village are being read, with the bills set to go out around Nov. 1 and have a due date of Dec. 1.

An ERH representative was not present but a report was presented. The work report stated all required samples were collected, analyzed and submitted; equipment was serviced, the emergency generator had a test-run, high service pumps and well pumps were rotated, the chlorine injectors at the water plant were cleaned, and a leak on Union Street was repaired.

ERH removed the yard hydrant on North Church Street from the yard of Fred Butt. The hydrant was connected to the end of the water main on North Church and the lateral connection was leaded into the main. The lateral connection was cut out and removed from the main and the end of the main was capped off. The curb box from the Butt residence was also removed. In order to complete the removal, about 20 homes had their water supply shut off. A boil order was issued for the affected homes and lifted after sampling.

Carolyn Rapp presented her treasurer reports for the village and community center. Discussion took place on a couple of the village report’s items, then the board approved that report. In regards to the community center report, it was noted no election judge training will take place there and flu shots will not be available either; the community center report was also accepted as presented.

In other village matters, it was noted the village has received permission to bore under Route 49 to run water service to two businesses on the west side of the road. The bridge commonly referred to as Wall Street Bridge or Benoit Bridge has been posted closed due to a change in the weight limitation. Trick-or-treat hours will be 5-7 p.m., with those taking part asked to administer to the recommendations issued by the Illinois Public Health Department (those will be released in a statement closer to the holiday). The school crossing light by the post office isn’t working right now so that will be checked and repaired.

Mayor Rabe is going to write up a note to be included in the November water bills asking residents who had trees removed if they would like replacements planted – this is a village expense, it will not cost the residents anything. The dump will remain open through October and be open when weather permits as residents clean their yards and rake leaves. It was noted there is a special section in the northwest corner of the dump where residents can get rid of their metal/scrap items – these items are not to be put in the dumpster.

In regards to Santa’s visit, Kim Rabe will check with the public health department and other volunteers to get an idea of how this event needs to be conducted in December. The item of new Christmas lights for the village was tabled until the first of the year.

The board received copies of the new proposals from Core & Main, and after much discussion, it was asked to have representatives at the next meeting so a final decision can be made in regards to new water meters.

Five members of the village government will be up for re-election next April. Those who took out petitions to continue their positions are: Mark Rabe, Joe Belott, Cathy Crego, Steve Carley and Kim Rabe.

A report of bills was presented and then approved for payment.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 2 at city hall.