The Sept. 1 meeting of the Crescent City village board was called to order by mayor Mark Rabe at 7:02 p.m. Present for the village were Joe Belott, Kim Rabe, Scott Dirks, Dennis Ritzma, Steve Carley; treasurer Carolyn Rapp, and Sean McBride, of ERH.

Also present were three representatives of Core and Main, a company which produces a variety of water meters. The village board is in the process of updating all water meters in the village and is looking into the different styles available. Core and Main will have to update its meter proposal because the village will need more meters than originally planned.

Sean McBride told the board Jarod Morgan has replaced Amanda Belott as the ERH rep for Crescent City. It was asked for Morgan to attend an upcoming board meeting so village officials can meet him. He talked about the hydrants in the village, with many having been replaced. ERH will need to come up with a contract for the village pertaining to the cost of installing new water meters.

Al Johnson, village maintenance engineer, talked about the sink hole and noted it is not a tile problem. It also appears the city’s responsibility to the water problem at the Fred Butt residence is completed.

The treasurer’s report was presented, with discussion taking place on past-due water bills. The report was approved by the board.

The village dump will remain open until at least the end of October and garage sales are set for Sept. 18-19. Anyone who would like to be added to a listing should contact Kim Rabe at 815-683-2613 or send an email with sale information to

Due to the absence of village clerk Cathy Crego, bills for the month and minutes of the August meeting were not yet available.

The next board meeting will be Monday, Oct. 5, at city hall.