On Oct. 8 the Crescent City Grade School junior high students, along with teacher Rhonda Kollmann, toured the Crescent City Historical Society, which is located in the upstairs of city hall. CCHS member Carol Dexter conducted the tour and shared bits of history.

Sixth and seventh graders who took part were Brielle Berry, Hunter Wolfe, Kinzie Smith, Skylar Bennett, Danica Lemenager, Seth Dirks, Victoria Milk, Lili Sorensen and Kenleigh Hendershot. Eighth graders who took the tour were Zach Klopp, Kobie Hendershot, Lauren Janssen, Aubrie Pheifer, Phoenix Twigggs, Hannah Kollmann and Lucas Albers.

Students learned about early farming practices and early businesses which were located in the village, the 1970 train derailment, history of Crescent City schools, the original phone system and how the Crescent City Junior Women’s Club began the process of numbering houses in the village.

For more information on the CCHS or to arrange a tour, contact any of the following: Carolyn Rapp, 815-683-2658; Pat Peterson, 815-383-2695; Jean Herron, 815-683-2560; Yvonne Doggett, 815-683-2187; or Cindy Pufahl, 815-683-2666;.