A graduation ceremony took place Thursday evening, May 27, in the Crescent City Grade School gym. This year’s class had eight members: Zach Klopp, Hope Odette, Aubrie Pheifer, Lucas Albers, Hannah Kollmann, Kobie Hendershot, Phoenix Twiggs and Lauren Janssen.

Zach Klopp led those attending in the pledge to the flag. Principal Jim DeMay gave the welcome and thanked his staff, office managers Tori Legan and Rachel Pueschell, the students and parents for making another pandemic year of school easier to cope with.

There were several awards presented by DeMay. Kobie Hendershot received the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence, which is presented to a graduate who has the highest grade point average during their 4-8th grades. Kobie also receivede the Excellence in Science Award, which is chosen by the teacher and based on the student’s classroom work and classroom participation.

Luke Albers received the Presidential Award for Educational Achievement, which is presented to the student with the second highest grade point average in the 4-8th grades. The Daughters of the American Revolution American History Award, which is a certificate of excellence in American history, goes to a student who is outstanding in American history. The criteria for selection is by grade point average. It is given to the school by the Princess Wach-e-kee Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Watseka chapter, and this year’s award went to Hannah Kollmann.

The American Citizenship Award is presented to a student who is making a positive contribution to the school and community. This year, the award went to two students, who played a role in fostering the attitudes, skills and knowledge required of good citizens. The recipients were Phoenix Twiggs and Lauren Janssen. Jansen also received the Excellence in ELA Award, which is chosen by the teacher based on the student’s classroom work and participation in the classroom. The Excellence in Math awared, chosen by the teacher and based on the student’s classroom work and his/her participation in the classroom, went to Aubrie Pheifer.

A video of students “Through the Years,” put together by Rhonda Kollmann and Sandy McCray, was played for everyone to watch. Each student was featured with photos taken throughout their school years.

Lauren Janssen presented a special award to Jody Munsterman, commemorating her 39 years of teaching. Munsterman is retiring at the end of the current school year.

Hannah Kollmann then made a special presentation to Liz Martin, who officially retired at the end of the 2019-20 school year but didn’t get to celebrate due to the pandemic. Martin came back and taught one semester of ELA at the CCGS junior high level.

Closing remarks were made by Superintendent Rod Grimsley who thanked the parents for their support this past school year. He expressed appreciation to Mr. DeMay and the staff, the bus drivers, cooks, office help and custodians for all they did for the school this past year, and he thanked the board of education, which is made up of Steve Massey, Tim Kollmann, Becky Dirks, Brock Johnson, Candi Butzow, Christi Pheifer and Jody Niebuhr.

Mrs. Munsterman and the graduates were feted to a parade on Sunday, May 30. Mrs. Munsterman was declared “Grand Marshall” and was driven in front of the float in a golf cart. Those riding in the golf cart were her husband, Larry; her grandsons, Noah and Matthew, and their parents, Ryan and Kelsey Munsterman. The float was pulled by Tim Kollmann and the graduates who took part were Phoenix Twiggs, Zach Klopp, Hannah Kollmann, Lauren Janssen, Luke Albers and Aubrie Pheifer. Unable to participate in the parade were Kobie Hendershot and Hope Odette.

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