RANTOUL, ILLINOIS – US Youth Soccer is hosting a Midwest National League weekend at the Rantoul Family Sports Complex.

On Sept. 18-19 the Rantoul Family Sports Complex will be hosting the US Youth Soccer program, according to a news release. Fifty teams will arrive this weekend from nearly a dozen different states to compete in a league weekend. Midwest League Manager for US Youth Soccer Marc Frankland stated, “After our initial site visit, during the construction phase, we knew this was a facility that we wanted to host National League events at. We’re looking forward to many years of competition.”

Ryan Reid, Director of Sports Operations for RFSC included, “Organizations like USYS will continue to seek out our facility for regional and national events. We’re thrilled to partner with them. We should see 750 to 900 families over the weekend which means added tourists in area businesses. With all of the activity in Champaign County this weekend, hotels and restaurants should be packed. USYS will bring over 4,000 people to the area alone.”

Frankland also stated “US Youth Soccer and the National League are excited to partner with the Rantoul Family Sports Complex this Fall. The facility is beautiful and the location is convenient for many of our competing teams.” Games begin at 8 a.m. Sept. 18 and will play into the evening. Games will start the following day at 8 a.m.and should go until 3 p.m.

For more information about the Rantoul Sports Complex contact Ryan Reid at rreid@myrantoul.com or 217-893-5731.

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