Welcome to the 2021 Vermilion County Fair!

We have entered a new decade and I know the Vermilion County Fair is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

This year our fair is offering unlimited rides included in the gate admission for only $6 per person! Aside from all the fun offered at the carnival, the grandstands will be just as exciting each night as we are having our fair queen pageants, tractor pull, motocross, Demolition derby! There is truly a night at the Vermilion County Fair for everyone! Also, I want to invite everyone into our livestock barns throughout the week not only to see the animals, but to take the time to meet the families who spend their year making this fair as wonderful as possible. Don’t forget, our Hospitality Barn & the 4-H Food Booth are great places to spend time and relax while checking out some of the projects from our local 4-Hers and (my personal favorite) a 4-H Cheeseburger!

As my reign is coming to an end, I have to say that it has been such an honor to represent Vermilion County this past year. I have met so many incredible people and am so blessed with a Fair Board that welcomed me with open arms. Our fair would not be possible without the endless hours of hard work & dedication from them, our local 4-H families, and many other volunteers. All of their efforts have been year-round to ensure we all are able to make incredible memories at the Vermilion County Fair.

While I knew I had an amazing year ahead of me, it was an indescribable feeling getting to proudly say that I was the 2019 Miss Vermilion County Fair Queen. During my year I was lucky enough to take part in so many events; including emceeing the Festival of Trees Princess Tea, crewing & riding in a Hot Air Balloon, riding in several parades and attending numerous pageants, visiting local schools & nursing homes, and attending County Fair Day, just to name a few. I was also given a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent Vermilion County in Springfield at the Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant, and met some of the most well-rounded, educated young women from all over the state. I also was awarded the Non-Finalist Best in Communication Skills Award!

Walking into my year as Fair Queen, I was not prepared for the amount of love and support that I would receive from not only my friends and family, but all of Vermilion County. From the past fair queens and their families, to the multiple other County Fair Queens sharing this year with me, and to the Fair Board that became my Fair Family, I could not be more grateful for you all. I will walk away from this year with so many new skills that I will be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity that I was given this year and I will be forever grateful to have been able to serve my county.

Your 2019 Miss Vermilion County Fair Queen,

Cassidie Parker

Have you ever thought about what your county fair queens do? Many people don’t as it isn’t an everyday question that you ponder. However, for many girls ages 5-21, a fair queen can be a great role model. As Jr. Miss Vermilion County Fair, I have had the opportunity to be a role model, an example to follow, and a friendly face to talk to for the past year.

A few things I did as Jr Miss include: riding in parades, participating in fair and ag related activities, spending time with children, helping with local fish Fry’s and pancake days, visiting other fairs, and many other activities.

One of my personal favorites was riding in the parades and getting to see all the members of Vermilion County.

Being Jr. Miss Vermilion County Fair has taught me many things. Like never wear white shoes to the fairgrounds, always take an opportunity and always have fun!

Being the Jr. Miss has been an important chapter in my life that I will forever hold close to my heart. I am sad to say my year as Jr. Miss is coming to an end. I only have a short time left and I know it will fly by. Luckily, I will forever and always be Paili Davis the 2019 Jr. Miss Vermilion County Fair.

-Paili Davis the 2019 Jr. Miss Vermilion County Fair

As my year comes to end as Young Miss Vermilion County Fair I want to thank everyone for the

opportunity to be a bigger part of my community as Young Miss. I have met amazing new friends and had so much fun being a part of the Fair and spending time with my Fair sisters. A special thanks to Queen Cassie for being such a wonderful example of all things Queenly, Jr. Miss Paili for helping me learn the ropes and Little Miss Bonnie for being such a great Parade buddy.

- 2019 Young Miss Vermilion County, Gracie Pattison

I have had a great time being the 2019 Little Miss Vermilion County Fair. First, I liked going to the fair to ride all of the rides, eat all of the food, and play all of the carnival games. I also liked learning about all of the animals and playing in the Ag Olympics.

I have also liked doing parades throughout the year. My favorite parade was the Night of Lights parade. I also loved doing a photo shoot. But, what I have loved the most is spending time with the other Vermilion County Fair Queens. Thank you so much to the Vermilion County Fair and Fair Board

for giving me this opportunity.

- Bonnie Hunsberger, Little Miss Vermilion County Fair 2019

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