Farms with a long history around the Hoopeston area were honored Monday.

Sesquicentennial celebration organizers presented a tour of farms around the area with 150 or more years of history Monday.

Utilizing the Hoopeston Multi-Agency bus, organizers took residents from Autumn Fields on a tour of the farms.

During this tour, organizer Eric Layden presented each of the farm owners with a sign recognizing the history of the farms.

The farms recognized included:

- Samuel Umbanhower Farm: Marvin and Bryan Umbanhower

- Winnings Farm: Charles Gernand — Named for Charles’s Great-Grandmother’s Family.

- Harold Gernand Farm: Charles Gernand — Named after Charlie’s Father.

- Finley Farm: Charles Leemon and Edward Elliott — Named for Charles’s Great-Grandmother’s family.

- Meadow Brook Farm: Norman Klocke

- Jim Crouch Farm: Janet Crouch — Named for Janet’s late husband.

- Fremont Crouch Farm: Diane Dahlquist- Named for Diane’s Father

- Ruth Layden Farm: Ed Layden — Named for Ed’s Great Aunt Ruth.

- Brougher Farm: Nancy Brougher

- Ray Willard Farm: Dorothy Willard — Named for Dorothy’s late husband.

- Leemon Stock Farm: Leemon family

Layden put together the information on each of the farms.

He said 16 farms in Grant Township were honored for being at least one hundred years old and still owned by the same family.

“On June 28, 2021, during Hoopeston’s Sesquicentennial celebration, we honored eleven farm owners that still own at least a piece of the original family farm. These families were given a commemorative Grant Township Sesquicentennial Farm sign.”

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